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Definition for Epidemiologist

March 13, 2012

Definition for Epidemiologist –  Epidemiology, literally meaning “the study of what is upon the people”, is derived from Greek epi, meaning “upon, among”, demos, meaning “people, district”, and logos, meaning “study, word, discourse”, suggesting that it applies only to human populations.

A common approach to assessing the relative importance of different tranamission routes is to eliminate transmission through one route and assume that the ratio “number of cases eliminated:number of residual cases” measures the relative importance of the eliminated route vis-à-vis the residual transmission route.

Definition of Epidemiologist Inherent in the epidemiological approach is the belief that the frequency of occurrence of a disease in a population is governed by the interaction of a large number of different factors or determinants. The epidemiologist believes that by studying these interactions it may become possible to manipulate some of the determinants involved.

Epidemiologist Definition And so reduce the frequency with which the disease in question occurs m a population.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 57 percent of epidemiologists work in government, 12 percent work in hospitals, 11 percent work in colleges and universities, and 9 percent work in scientific research or development.