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HTC Rezound Specs

April 16, 2012

HTC Rezound Specs –  The HTC Rezound comes boxed in a black square with the iBeats headset inlayed to the right and left of the smartphone. Surely one of the greatest selling features is the included headset (which retail alone for around $100), but of course, what is a headset without a stellar smartphone?

The HTC Rezound is currently one of the most popular Verizon 4G LTE smartphones. It may not steal the show like the iPhone 4s or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but it’s won more than a few mobile users over with its brilliant display, high-speed processor, and Beats audio integration.

HTC Rezound Specs After handling the RAZR and buying the Nexus, the Rezound felt like brick. It’s almost double the size of the RAZR, and although I know HTC devices are generally bigger devices, I don’t know exactly why the Rezound had to be so big.

HTC Rezound Specs With a device like the Thunderbolt, you could give HTC the benefit of the doubt. But if the RAZR can stick a dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and a 4G LTE radio inside its thin frame, you have to believe HTC fumbled with the Rezound’s design a bit.

The HTC Rezound is not the thinnest phone around, but it is solid and fits very comfortably in the hand. The phone is all about speed, as it works with the snappy Verizon 4G LTE network. There is nothing about this phone that is not as fast as can be, and power users will love this phone.